xbox networking

So, on my trip to KC, I got an Xbox, Cel Damage and Tony Hawk 2x. The kids and I played the hell out of those games, and when I went to playtest out at m$ last week, and they had xbox games on the reward list, well, I wouldn't have paid for Halo, it being an FPS, and I usually disliking those...but for "free", sure. And then birdie and dino kept talking up Project Gotham Racing, and the fact that you can rip your own CD's to the Xbox hard drive, and then play them in the in-game car stereo...well, I was sold.

But all of these games only support direct linking, no internet support till "spring 2002"...which is total bull-honey, since the box has a friggin ethernet port built-in, and it's running win2k inside, so writing the drivers is a non-issue. But thanks to the geeks at GameSpy, you can run a tunneling program on a windows box at home, and connect the xbox to other xboxen running the same kludge-net. And it works, atleast I tested it in tony hawk, got my ass kicked, no suprise...I haven't made it to "that" level in that game. yet. But here's what's still puzzling me. The xbox isn't getting an IP address from my NAT server, but it's talking to the tunnel program thru a switch. I should learn more about non TCP-IP networking...