work rain

it rained at work today !

ok, not really. someone turned on some lights in the atrium that are only supposed to be on at night, which got it hot enough the sprinklers started going off. I was at lunch, so missed the initial excitement, but after a half-hour they announced at least another hour before we could go back in, so we all went to McCormick and Shmicks and did some light drinking till almost 4. None of our machines got soaked, but someone's going to make a killing replacing all the ceiling tiles.

got a random dvd rental the other day, just a title on the disc/sleeve, no plot summary or anything. turns out it was a collection of music videos from some 70's german disco group (Boney M). turns out the songs were cool, the videos proof that people did a lot of crazy stuff in the 70s (ra ra rasputin, russia's famous love machine,man that cat really was gone....). I mention it to the dutch guy at work, who looks like he would have been in a euro-disco during the 70s, and he totally recognizes them and mentions a link to Milli Vanilli, and that the people in the video were just lip-synchers. I assume he meant a connection-in-spirit, but he's being literal. Seems the producer behind Boney M is the same producer that was behind Milli Vanilli, Frank Farian. His take on Milli Vanilli is quite...interesting. Not his fault, all the drugs and the stupid druggie..