S~ called me last night, sharing his happy tales of being one of those flirty-people that I generally despise. He's dating more guys than he can keep the numbers straight on, apperantly. Personally, I find that more than a bit me, there's a big difference, between sleeping around, and dating. Dating implies a level of caring, an emotional aspect. Maybe he can spread himself that thin, and maybe those guys like it like that. I care about my friends, but whatever it is that I associate with dating, that's something special, something that just one person (at a time) gets a chance, to accept, or reject.

I wonder, though, why does S~ have to tell me about it? Is he trying to tease me, about how I don't even try anymore? Is he trying to make me jealous? Maybe he wants to confuse me, until I try to open up to him, so he can reject me again?