vista grrrs #3

Multiple complaints today...

First off, I have a box here at work. It's not my primary desktop, but I access my primary box almost exclusively thru RDC from this box. It had vista beta 2 on it when I started using it. I find out I got an MSDN subscription when I started here, so I'll upgrade to retail, no probs. Except that ATI somewhere between beta2 and retail release, decided to not support this box's video card (Radeon 7000), so after installing vista, I'm stuck with both monitors showing a single display page. The XP drivers didn't want to install, but the unpackaged directory contained an inf file that Vista accepted on a manual driver update. Of course this one blue screens on shutdown every time. Luckily I found a non-ati mirror of the old beta1 drivers. We'll see if that helps any.

Numero 2. Now that I have retail installed, I can use the gadget bar (most wouldn't install under beta 2, or didn't work properly), and setup the traffic monitor. I already went into IE, setup my search provider to google. About an hour later, the traffic map goes blank and asks if I want to set live search to be my default. grrr.