vista grr #4

I didn't think the flash-to-dark authenticate this action bit would bother me. Then I wasted 6 hours saturday trying to get my loverly SGI 1600SW flat panel setup under Vista. In MS defense, the 1600SW is incredibly ancient as displays go. Still, every time it flashes the screen to black, it locks up the LCD panel. I'd have to shutdown windows, unplug the DVI cable completely, power up, power down, reattach cable, power up, reconfigure multi-mon support, restart again. Then, so long as I didn't try to play a game that needed to set/reset screen resolution, things were OK, but if an app did want to muck about with screen res, the whole process started over again.

So, LCD is back on a machine that's off due to overheating issues, and vista box is back down to single, square, CRT land.