vinyl online

Finally getting around to transcribing all my vinyl into mp3 (and lossless for special items =) ).

Speaking of which, yesterday, the internet lost out to the real world luck-of-location. I've been wanting to get a copy of one of my high-school faves, Daryl Hall's Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine, who most likely benefited greatly from a song/video that strongly paralled my then fave movie, Labyrinth. I found three copies on vinyl at Bop Records, a truly amazing cache of the old school. Any place with a good 4 feet of copies of the red and blue beatles albums, is going to have some space for 80's hitmakers. As I was listening to the album about 3 times (once to transcribe, once to verify encode, once for fun) and reading through the credits, I was amazed to notice a few things...

One, Dave Stewart, of Eurthymics fame, worked on a lot of the album. Two, Joni Mitchel is a guest backing vocalist on a track. Three, umm...I don't remember what the third item was now...I did go drinking between now and then though.

I also found another 80's memory record, Paul Hardcastle's 19. It's a little e-pop track about the vietnam war.