I read atleast one horoscope a day, sometimes two. One is a short SMS'd message. It's usually amusing, but irrelevant, often talking about a partner I don't (won't ever?) have. Today it read "A bright career awaits you in the promised land." Sometimes I read my horoscope on Yahoo. It said it was Ok for me to take off work early today, 'cause I'll be energized to work more/better, later.

I wonder how yahoo knew I stayed up way too late last night, and am groggy as hell today?

Fate is a wierd concept. It turns the idea of free-will upon it's head, and makes us little more than puppets in a twisted play. Most of the time, I believe that I am more than just a puppet. Sometimes, though, there are coincidences that seem too surreal for me to not wonder. I don't believe in "god" from the traditional christian perspective, but I do believe in some sort of higher power(s). And I do think someone/thing has an interest in my life. I just wish I could believe that it was a postive interest. I have this sinking suspicion that my life is manipulated. to be a comedy of errors, for some alien civilization. Or I'm just self-destructive. Either works.