um er

So, I've been sick lately, in an unusually sleepy, extra bruisy wierd sort of way. I went to the doctor on tuesday to get checked for diabetes/whatever, the tech does the finger-prick blood sugar test, and is working on drawing blood for a full workup, when I nearly faint, start shaking/etc...yeah, I should have eaten before they took blood, but work's been crazy. So he doesn't get to take the full blood sample, so I have to come back friday for them to try again.

On friday, I get to the doctor's office, the nurse puts me in a room, checks my chart and see I was in on tuesday, and even though I tell her about the fainting episode, she goes, "I'll just copy your info from last time", and skips the pulse, blood pressure, weight, just copies the info from tuesday.

I'm not saying I do all my work, every day, but um