try to run

The demon of thighs

The one who tells lies


He is to cute

To be evil

The demon of nipples

That blinds us

To simple

Failings we

Should have seen

Sometimes I wish

I could take it all back

Crawl back in the womb

The alternative tomb

And start all over again

If I could be better

My mom would have cared

If I had played football

My dad would have stayed home

If I had just been more wonderful

They never would have

Left me alone

The I wouldn't be wondering

What it is I can't forget

But can't remember

Except that I'm owed a debt

Of self-esteem stolen

And innocence lost

Some where

Some when

Was I a a child

Concieved of hate

My mother's abuser's seed?

Was I a child

Concieved in fear

My father not as courageous

As I'd believed

Running from

A crazy war

Into the arms

Of something


Like love

Filled with duty and devotion

And anger at your son

The stupid fag

Who wouldn't even try to run.