tivo and the obtuse advertisement

Sometime this week, I caught this yahoo ad, and it's got some high school drama going on, ending with one kid holding up a pair of underwear to a bully and saying, "looking for these butt-toucher?"

That was all I got of the ad the first time, and it made no sense...did he search yahoo for the bullies porn search history, is it some sort of gay joke I'm not getting, or what?

Today I see the whole ad, and it shows the pre-yahoo version of events, which ends in a massive wedgie, and the post-yahoo version, which ends up in the bullied's revenge category. Now it makes sense, the kid figured he would be getting a wedgie, and didn't wear the undies, so bully just grabbed his ass.

It didn't occur to me, because when I went without undies in jr/high school, people would de-pants me, and get more than they bargined for. Well the first time, after that, they prolly knew.