tingling hands

I've noticed something wierd. Sometimes, when I sneeze, or cough, my hands tingle. Almost like the whole arm, from fingers up to elbow, has taken a sharp blow. It's a pain/tingle not unlike the infamous funny bone. But it's caused by sneezing. It's really wierd, somewhat annoying, but mostly worrisome. Is it some indicator of oncoming heart disease? I wouldn't be suprised, given my family history. That and the pepperoni I used to eat by the plateful. OK, I still occasionally grill up a plate full and munch it like spicy bacon. I gave up the cheesy nacho's I used to make from Velvetta. I cut back on the BBQ-soaked cocktail-sausages I used to eat like candy. I've even tried to cut back on the huge volumes of candy I eat. Ok, so part of that is a dental issue.

The point remains, I seem like a good candidate for an early heart attack. I used to work out alot, but don't at all anymore. But I still eat like I'm running 10 miles a day. Add in the causative links between depression and heart attacks, and it'll be a wonder if I make it to be as old as my dad. When he was my age, he worked very hard on his weight, always running, exercising. Or atleast that's how I remember it. Like the times in dallas, when he'd go on another grapefruit diet. Or go to some university to run on a treadmill.

anyways, I just wanted to write about the tinglies, in case it turns out to be a fatal condition someday, atleast people will know it wasn't an isolated whatever.