star wars experience

I had a pretty full-on star wars experience. Showed up at the theatre 4 hours ahead of the showtime for our work-group, managed to be 4th group in line, only 10 physical peeps ahead of us. Watched in bemusement while the group directly behind me was dropped off in ones and twos by a police patrol car...sounded like off-duty cops and their buddies at the DEA or somethin. The group ahead had one member that ralfed on the free coffee and/or donuts from starbucks and top pot. Eventually one additional workmate showed up, the only person in our line with a light sabre (there were people for the 10PM! show with their own line, who had theirs, but them's real freaks! =p). By the time the doors opened, there was one additional person from our group of 20 that had made it...but of course, not the guy with the tickets. By the time he showed up, the whole line of pre-waits had gone in.

Despite the rocky start, I was quite happy with our position at the top of the balcony...Cinerama screen is the kind where I can actually sit at the back, and see everything. I even enjoyed the movie, though there was at least one flinch-inducing moment, where the entire audience groaned at the pathetic love-dialogue. But, dialogue is not what I come to star wars for anyways.