spiderman 2 (mr)

There was the kid and his father who sat right behind me, with the kid yelling out his questions. That was annoying. There was the guy and girl behind me providing their dramatists input on the quality of Troy, how much it ruined the original greek plays, and how they were so upset at the frequent presence of brad pitt's ass, which was really odd, since the guy sure sounded more faggy than I ever have.

I feel so sorry for all those actors who thought there were going to do a faithful representation, and ended up in that piece of hollywood shit.

Like any actor in hollywood, working on a movie with Brad Pitt, wouldn't know better?

The movie itself was,

1. Better than the first - more action, more character depth, better ending

2. Filled with cute little self-deprecating digs and inside jokes I prolly missed all over the place in addition to the few I did catch. Like the guy in the elevator, I know I should recognize him from somewhere, but I couldn't think where. (Turns out he's in some of my fave flicks, like Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town, also the first Billy Bob Thorton apperance I'm aware of....)

3. Going to see a movie at Cinerama at night on the first couple of days of a big-comic-movie-opening means being in a room full of the geekiest geeks the comic world has to offer. Well, of geeks capable of leaving the basement =p