serious hate

Don't take my virulent attacks on personified ideas too seriously, it's just my way of dealing, with fear and frustration, and my own inability to speak. It should go without saying that what is writen here is not so much a literal truth, as impressionistic speaking, dealing not with real individuals, so much as conglomerations of people and ideas from my past. When I say "bitch", it isn't just a current girlfriend that annoys me, so much as the totality of all the girlfriends of friends (or people I'd wished were more than friends) whom I've disapproved of, or felt weren't worthy of the magic of my friends' love. Some of those same women who once caused rage to burn in me like a fire, are now among my greatest friends.

The ones who fell away as life went on, you are who those words for written for, that which did not pass the test of time. So don't be offended. Well, don't be too offended. Or maybe you should, it's not like it matters now, does it?