It's so wonderful to know there are slimeballs out there still willing to invest in companies they know are engaged in unethical, and likely illegal, behavior.

The geniuses at Spectrum Equity have blown FOURTY million dollars of their investors money in a local spyware company.

Let me get this straight...

We've had report after report about how unasked-for/un-wanted popups actually damage the reputation of the company that uses them, and they go and invest in one of the most hated companies of an already crowded fields of losers. I know if I had placed my money in Spectrum's hands, I'd be pretty worried about their ability to understand even the most basic of investing guidelines. I'd assume that since we all now it doesn't take anywhere near $40million to re-release your old spyware under a new name, there must be some massive kick-back going on between someone at Spectrum, and the folks at 180.

Pure speculation though. The folks at Spectrum could just be total idiots when it comes to investing in internet businesses, and blissfully unaware of the damage they've done their reputation, and worse, the reputation of all companies associated with them. Either way, not someone I would trust my money with. If you have, I suggest you talk to an independant lawyer before your money's all wasted away. Then again, maybe you want to invest in illegal/unethical practices, and are peeved you couldn't buy/sell shares in the Cali cartel back in the 80's.