sandals in NOLA?

What is it with people wearing sandals in New Orleans right now? I'm glancing thru the pictures from directNIC's team, and notice several women in the pics are wearing sandals, as they walk around the waterlogged streets. OOOOk.

Lady in sandals - And maybe it's just me, but her hair looks awfully well done for someone in a warzone.

Extended family in sandals - I see at least 4 people in this group wearing sandals, including the folk using a sandwich-board-sign to cross the puddles.

Another lady in sandals - and check out the puffy-faced guy near here. Not in sandals, but still funky lookin =p

Balding man in sandals, with empty grocery cart - me wonders what he's going to fill it up with.

Another Sandal Man - his friends have proper shoes.

Another mom and child in sandals - her boy has got on amazingly white sneakers for the muck I see around them

Girl in sandals - carrying two what-look-like shoe boxes...yo girlie, put them on before your feet rot....

I could make the list longer, but you get the point...