radio is dead

If I had any doubt that radio was dead as a popular medium, the proof is right outside my window this morning. Highway 99 has been closed since 5am, and will be for another hour at best, yet the road leading to the onramp by my house is still packed solid with people who get to the officer at the onramp and express suprise it's closed.

I can understand most people not checking the TV road reports before leaving for work, it's too easy to get sucked into waiting and waiting for your segment. But people who've been stuck in traffic for 30 minutes to go a single block, who still don't think to listen to the radio to see if they might mention what's

They could be listening to the radio, but it's a national feed that doesn't have local traffic updates. Or they are just oblivious. There's a lot of that going around. As I walked up to get breakfast, past the onramp, I watched as this police officer yells, then has to get out his whistle to get the attention of this rambling man that is shuffling onto the closed-off highway.