prozac and alcohol

I've been experimenting with alcohol excess the last week or so.

Last time I was unemployed, I tried it for a little while, but never got over the nausea I usually got halfway thru my first drink. Since going out to bars, I've gotten further. Perhaps it's eating while drinking that helps. Whatever the reason, I've drunk more than since the first time I shared a bottle of jagger with a lush-girl I knew, after being heart-stomped in the extreme. And that was only once. I drank almost every night the week I was on early-vacation.

Since the vacation ended, I've been trying out some of the bars closer to home than my vac-fave, the 5-spot(or is it point, I get confused even when sober) all seems kind of silly since I have to move by sept 18th, and wherever it will be, unless I take Kay's suggestion of the $400 studio on 2nd, it's likely i'll be outside of drunken-walking-home distance of all the bars I'm establishing myself at right now.

Given that the whole point of personal alcoholism is to meet new people, and god-forbid, meet a new friend (dream of a lover?, no, even in dreams, I an untouchable), it seems silly how much time I'm spending in bars I won't be able to reach without a cab (why I'm reticient to use seattle cabs, who knows...maybe the pricing. In singapore, I loved the cabs. Of course it was hot, and they were air-conditioned (and cheap as all get-out on my $20S/week allowance). Every time I got out, it took a few minutes before the glasses fog would clear and I could see to walk.

Funny how one can change and not-change at the same time. Compared to St Louis don, throwing parties, living in a warehouse with street punks, seattle don seems excessively dull....but he drinks, has done some things in bed that stl-don would have run away screaming from, and lives the punk-lifestyle when it comes to work.

Anyways, I wonder, since the prozac bottle says alcohol=bad in a special sticker, just what kind of bad it is, and where/how the tingly-numbness I feel right now (2 massively strong Long Island Ice Teas at a belltown bar, first visiting, with food 'et between first and second drinkies) fits in with that warning....not that it's going to stop me. Barring a miracle place to live, my deepest desire at the moment, is alcohol poisoning by Sept 1st. Which isn't going to happen unless someone starts buying my drinks, giving (well promising at least) a ride home, and probly something I can't predict. Such is life. My life at least.