Recent current events reminded me of an experience from childhood...

My family had moved to Singapore for my father's job, which meant we got to vacation back in the US every summer, with plenty of stop overs in exotic locales on the way there and back. This meant lots of time on airplanes.

On one trip, I can't recall perfectly if we were headed back to singapore, or somewhere else. What I do rememeber is one moment I'm listening to music on my walkman, and the next, some adult with mental/emotional issues is literally kicking the back of my seat and completely freaking out. His wife is trying to calm him down, but he smacks her, then locks himself in one of the bathrooms.

Eventually the captain, a proto-stereo-typical dutch no-nonsense captain, comes down from the cabin, and starts talkin about breaking down the door and hogtieing the guy till we've landed.

From there my memory gets a little fuzzy. I know they got him out of the bathroom, without breaking the door. I know we landed without incident. And I know I didn't see any cops come and blow him away just for freaking out.