oh how sad

Insane, the word is there, just outside my reach, but always on my mind. Am I real, or is this all a dream...Can one life really be this painful, or is this all just some never ending nightmare, not really me, just the sleeping reflection of the man in misery, I am the player on this stage, the cosmic joke in this comedy.

Time ticks by so slowly, each day, the knot of pain that's in my heart, seems to grow, from where, I don't know it's start, till there's nothing left inside this mind, but the pain, and crying, and most of all the lieing.

Fine I am

I'll say when you ask

Fine I am

I'll say when you wonder at

the tears in my eyes

Fine I am

I'll still be saying

The day the find me dead.

I read the story

Oh how sad

Young loves in worry

Rarely meet in bed

Like I have sympathy

For someone with someone

When I live alone

With nothing but torment