no more gravy


A special piece of vinyl showed up this weekend. I've been looking for it for almost 20 years. Talk about feeling old all of a sudden.

It's the last song I cared about finding, from the 120 minutes playlist of my life.

It's amazing to me, given it's been a good 15 years since I had the VHS tape of the broadcast, yet I still remember the lyrics.

There ain't no gravy

There ain't no sweet cakes

I'm on a bed of nails

It makes me toss and turn

it makes my cheeks burn

I'm gonna spit and squirm

I'm gonna toss and turn

There ain't no sunshine

there ain't no blue skies

I'm gonna head first down the well

Get stuck in sea slime

I'm gonna head first down the well


Life's so sad that it's bad

as if it were not bad enough already


this gets worse.