mr complainy pants


I'm here at work by 7-8am almost every day. Usually 6 days a week. Because I had my little car accident, I've been leaving early a couple times the last week.

Meanwhile, there's this guy, who never shows up before 10am, and usually leaves by 6pm, never comes in on weekends.

The last week, I've been trying to help this other guy. It's not my job to hold his hand, but he can't figure out how to get content for his testing, so I'm a nice guy, and I try to help. Never mind that when he sends a request, he expects me to drop my real job, and get right on his request, regardless of how tedious it might be for me, or disruptive of my schedule. Never mind that when I complete his request and pass it back to him, it takes him a day to decide whatever he asked for wasn't enough, and he wants something more.

I'm off to the head doc yesterday afternoon, so I don't go knockin heads or somethin, and I come in this mornin to a message from my manager implying that pre-said-stupid-head complained to him about my hours-in-office.

F it all, my job is too important for me to get laid off, but not important enough to get any respect.