moving disaster

"I've got four people total, we should be able to get it all moved in one big trip"

More deluded words I have not spoken in a while, it seems. Three trips in the u-haul, a good 200 miles of back-n-forth in the beetle, and I'm STILL not done moving. There's still so much junk. And I've barely scratched the stupid storage locker of additional junkage. Meanwhile the destination apartment is already getting quite packed.

Saddly, I think geiger may have eaten a silica gel pack or somethin, he's all sick and sad. Pissed himself on the ride over to the new place (thank goodness he was the cat I picked to ride in the cat carrier) and won't move from the front door. I want to take him to the vet, but I think I overspent on the u-haul, and can't afford to bounce the first rent check twice.