misc amusements

A handful of interesting/noteworthy items for today...

On the bus last week, a lady with a small baby was having issues getting situated and seated on the bus; I offer to hold the stoller for her, she instead asks me if I'd hold the baby. Of course I'm thrilled, the kid is sweet and smiling, fascinated with something about my face. Ah crack, but good for you. Unless you have to wake up nights to change them.

Another morning recently, walking from the bus stop to work, I'm headed down one of the steeper hills at Pike Place Market. I notice a car turn onto the street at the bottom of the hill, and stop in the middle of the road. As another car goes angrily by, the driver gets out, walks around to the passenger, and makes him get out and drive up the hill. I suspect a manual transmission and a fearful driver. Those hills can be intimidating I suppose.

Today on my way back from lunch, I see a couple of cop cars fly past. When I get down to Western, I can see they are bunched up by the dayworkers zone, so I decide to see what's up and wander that direction. Imagine my suprise when I get close enough to see that the cops have 2 clean cut kids they are working over.