la boheme

Went and saw La Boheme at the Seattle Opera with a PO last night. No, not my PO, just a drinking buddy-ess who didn't want to go alone. We met up in downtown, across from the Symphony hall, only to eventually realize the opera was at...duh...the opera house. All good, we made it on time anyways.

This was my first La Boheme, and probably my last. The production was very well done; the setwork was amazing, the singers well versed in their craft. It's the subject matter; it's depressing, and the story just ends so abruptly and without epilogue to lessen the misery, it just seems like an exercise in saddness. That, and there just wasn't a song that stuck in my head. I blame Looney Toons; if Bugs had cross-dressed to a boheme song, maybe I'd feel different.