Mine came today.

I took it in to the elder-folks bar, and they thought it was so cool.

I've been browsing thru the catalog, price low to high, in the 'reference' section first, and finding lots of crazy scans of ancient out-of-copyright stuff from the 1800s, like "Topsy Turvy Land- A child's guide to Arabia", which I refuse to link to on the basis of it HAS to be embarrassingly colonially racist. I will link to The Woman's Around The House Guide to Masturbation, and I'm so getting a free sample of that.

Getting fully free content on it is a breeze; I'm planning out some designed-hard tests for the converter, and scanning a short story out of a sci-fi magazine, with the OCR function on my scanner, to see how far I can stretch it. I found some ultra-cheap short stories in sci-fi that have been worth their price so far, though the descriptions are woefully short.