i hate my appleTV

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't give it up. The combo of it and itunes is my only legit source/display for permanent copies of "Sheep in the Big City" and "Lucy Daughter of the Devil". Well, lucy I can tivo, but the timing is never quite perfect, and that has ads to be skipped. I'm all in favor of supporting artists I like and whatnot.

Anywhoooo, I hadn't touched my appleTV since I finished watching all the Sheep episodes last year, but when I found out itunes had lucy, I was all exicted. Naturally the itunes store works just fine, taking money, sending my pc videos. But when I went to get them on appleTV, it took forever, with multiple restarts of the stupid appleTV, and it never did correctly transfer any music. It copied the index of everything, but none of the actual tracks.

I always wonder, is the apple experience on apple hardware/OS any better than on the PC? It must be, but I'm not willing to pay extra to find out. I'll just suffer and complain.