so, I've always wanted to be a hermit/wanderer.

my first choice would be a house/blimp, ala one of my childhood book faves, The 21 Balloons, a reasonably entertaining juvenile fiction piece involving, appropriately enough, a man who builds a 1-room house under a balloon, that he uses to travel over the ocean, ending up on Krakatoa just before it goes off, and much more. But anyways, since a permanently flying platform seems out of my reach anytime soon, and since the stories of plastic pollution in the ocean gyres, make me want to do ... something, I was thinking about what it would take to build a floating plastic recycling plant that could harvest the trash in the ocean. A sort of waterworld-esque driving a boat around, and living off the sea, converting the plastic into...umerm, fuel? whatever. the primary point is to get it out of the ocean. and to be a hermit without living in a cave.