hot dogs funny?

So, what is it about hot dogs that's more funny than a burger?

Is it just the whole phallic/weener thing?

I wonder this because I was recently watching Bulletproof Monk, in which there is a cheesy mystic-mystery reference to the classic comedy bit, why do hot dogs come in packages with quantity different than the hot dog buns, and the last couple of days, I've noticed a package of hamburger buns in the break room. It got me wondering, hamburgers don't come in specific counts that equal hamburger bun packages, so how come no one uses that in a joke?

Like I said, I think it's the whole phallic thing. Comics are mostly men, so they focus on the long tube over the flat patty.

Or maybe you're just supposed to buy ground beef and make your own patties to match your bun supply. The crazy world of cuisine comedy.