geiger r.i.p.

When geiger first started acting sick, I just thought it was moving anxiety. When I was bringing over another load yesterday morning, and his leg was blocking the front door as I tried to open it, and he didn't even roll over, I knew something more serious was wrong, but I still didn't think it could be...terminal...He started going into cardiac arrest almost as soon as I got to the vet, and they recommended putting him down even before they noticed he had a tumor on his liver, saying he was in a great deal of pain, and "basically trying to die right now".

They brought him back with an iv line all ready, she gave him the injection, he cried out once, and then he was gone.

I cried a while, paid the bill, went back to the new apartment, and cried some more.

Last night, birdie came over and helped do another major load on the old place; closer to complete, but still a disaster in progress. The old landlady already gave out my old parking space, so I'm paying to park on the street today.

Oh yeah, this morning, geiger's brother twist drank some water, then immediately puked it back up. If he hasn't successfully drank something when I stop by at lunchtime for another load, vet-bound, if it's not too late.