ethical behavior

I went to keyboard.

I get home, and as I'm unpacking, I notice the sales guy grabbed someone else's bag with mine, and gave me their strobe light. Being a nice guy, I call and let them know of the mistake, but say I'm not making a special trip to fix their mistake, I'll bring it by on monday.

Now I'm starting to put the stand together, and the first thing I notice is that the box has spots where it was industrial stapled shut, but the staples aren't there anymore. Turns out the instruction sheet, and a couple of important parts, are missing.

So, I do end up driving back to the store to get the parts I need. It also turns out I can't find my old patch cables, so I need some fresh ones of those too anyways.

The first couple of guys I explain the strobe to give me that look that says, "why didn't you just keep it and not mention it?"...The door guy who is supposed to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen should probably be worried for himself, but I'm getting the drift that he's more suprised I didn't screw the store over on the mistake.

Like I've never worked retail, never been stuck having to pay for the mistake of someone else? I could have just assumed it'd all work out, but I'd rather feel good about myself on at least one thing =p