I'm going to church

I've decided to take my mother's advice, and try a unitarian church. It's not that I feel exceptional spiritual today, nor think I will by sunday, so much as I feel a need to seek out folk of a similar moral grounding, the principlese of individual freedom AND responsibility, a place where I can hang out and not worry that I'm gonna say the wrong thing. OK, and I'm hoping to meet someone. Or atleast find someone to talk about how searching makes me feel. And I miss church, parts of it. The singing especially; but also the challenge to my beliefs, the process by which I define my own beliefs is rooted in debate, and hopefully Unitarians are keen on intellectual debate. We'll see.

We all know our memories are fallible. Sometimes it comes back to haunt us. You remember something from your past. Maybe you're not exactly proud of it, though you don't regret it, you were just a kid, or mentally-so. Then you find out things weren't exactly as you remember them. You start to woner how much of that situation, you are remembering "wrong", to make yourself feel better about your part in it all.