Call me Captain Don!


Bought a little inflatable kayak yesterday. Could be years before I have the resources to buy a bronco, a rack, and a proper kayak, so I picked up a nice Sevylor 2-man kayak, and for only an extra $15, got Boater's World to guarantee the thing against all damage for a year, even "abuse", woo.

Took it out at Entai beach, went up the slough a little, cruised around near the beach in the waves. The boat does better than I would have expected. It does need the skag (fixed rudder to help keep it in a straight line) since the keel isn't really a keel, but even without it, I was doing OK. The paddle that came with the yak, once properly tightened (two strokes out in the water the first time, one end fell off, thank goodness it floated, heh) isn't too bad, but we'll see how long it holds up. Every time I dig hard on a stroke, I'm worried it'll snap. Then again, without the skag, deep-and-long strokes really don't do too well anyways.

We'll see where I feel like exploring today.