bad ideas

So this morning, I'm heading to the bus stop, noticing all the construction work has squashed the road down to the far edge of one lane. I think to myself, thank goodness they design the electric bus system for such issues. Then the bus comes, and has to go 5 miles an hour thru the whole stretch, no pun intended, because the pickups are barely holding onto the wires.

Later, after I'm off the bus, I see this car go past with a coffee cup stuck to the roof. It stops to let an AIS student across, and she tries to tell him about the coffee cup. It turns out to be some sort of promo, since the guy hands her a coupon, and drives off with the presumably fake, and magnetized, cup still on the roof. On the surface, it sounds like an OK idea. Except he's letting people stop him in the middle of a major street, and expecting them to walk into traffic, to get these coupons. Sounds risky to me.