ack ack

So, what a day so far, eh?

I get up and walk to the new Top Pot doughnuts on 5th, very tasty donut, but the hot chocolate tastes like coconut, blek.

I get in my car to take a little drive around, and it sounds all fuxored and doesn't want to stay started. Take in to the dealer, turns out my starter is going bad. How convienent that it fails right after I had it in the shop. Oh well, I can park facing downhill for a month.

Stop at grocery store to pick up some TP, very important job this. While I'm in line, some guy tries to cut in front of me, which I'm having none of, so I embarass him enough to get back in line, do my business, and come out to find my car across the aisle from where I left it, up against some nice audi's bumper.

fuckity fuck, as if I had any chance my insurance wasn't going to cancel my ass next renewal, it sure seems guaranteed now.

Did the right thing, and left my insurance info, not the sarcastic "People think I'm writing down my info, but I'm not" message, and called my agent and left them a message.

One thing's for sure, I'll never give my mom grief about her accidents again.

I was SMS'ing to jeff when I drove into the lot, must've forgotten to e-brake and into-gear the car before I got out. shite.