achey head

Birdie called me last night, after I'd walked away from a free drink at R place on Cap Hill, to get me to come drink with him at the rendezvous, and out of habit, I ordered a Long Island, even though I was still plenty buzzed from the two I'd already had (prozac makes alcohol extra strong, at least double-strength, maybe triple...I didn't drink enough pre-prozac to really judge accurately). He's just having a beer, of course, so by the time he's done, I've made about a quarter-inch o progress, and Rendezvous LI is pretty hefty...truly only a splash of cola... Birdie flies back to the 'burbs, another hour or so to finish off enough of the drink that I don't feel I've wasted my eight bucks, the walk home is all down hill.

I know I left the rendezvous and went directly home, but have limited recall of the trip. When the cats woke me at 6, I was still fairly buzzed/stumbling-about. Slight head ache. So far, I've managed to avoid a proper-collegiate-hangover, I think. Probably because the prozac only increases the alcohol effect, not the hang-over, so I'm not drinking as much as it feels like.