Why is it

That people who have just gone to great length to push me out of bed, feel it needful to lie to me about my future of solitude. Do you all think it's funny? Hey lets tell don he has something to hope for, give him a little, and then crush his heart like a bug underfoot, then tease him with ye old "I love you, I just wouldn't touch you, but someone will someday, really". If it weren't my misery, it'd be funny, how everyone is exactly the same, all full of assurances that I am loveable, that they love me, and then sleep next to me once, and the tune changes, suddenly it's all about someone else for don, anyone but us.

fuck you

it would have hurt less, if you'd ripped my heart out with your bare hands.

I take it VERY personally. That you think I could not shows how little you really care about my feelings, show how little you think I deserve. So I wonder, why is it, that you even ever bothered teasing me in the first place?