Why Pages 1

This is the start of a series of entries, call'm the "Why Pages", wherein I will explain some of the more cryptic reasonings (or not so cryptic, just information I think you should know) as to why I make certain decisions in life, and why I think you should too.

The first big why is a housing issue. I've moved around alot in my life, and as such, I've come up with several criteria for where one should move to, in a new town. Aside from my personal preference of living in a city's downtown, my first Why, would be...always live east of where you work. People who live west of where they work, in my opinion, are machoistic bastards. Why? Because they guarantee themselves a nasty commute, unless they live somewhere where the sun doesn't shine. When you live west of work, you drive into the morning sun on the way to work, and into the setting sun on the way home.

Living north or south of one's workplace isn't much better, as you end up torturing one eye at a time, with the sun that sneaks past the often useless side-shade. But if you live east of work, not only are you driving sun-smart, but in most cities, you're also driving opposite of the worst traffic. Of course, I'm basing this why on my experiences in Kansas City, St Louis, and Portland. In Seattle, Microsoft skews the results, because they're headquartered in a suburb that's on the eastern edge of the metro area.