So last friday, I took my car in for it's 25k service. I would swear, when I took out my lease, that part of the lease was ALL service included for the period of the lease. The service guy says it's the first 2 years or 24k miles. I'd swear that's not what I agreed to, but it's only $30, and they clean my car inside and out, so it's not a bad price.

I leave my car with them, get a ride to work, leave work early, walk from Belltown to the U-District, pick up my car, and drive home. On the way, I notice this smudge of's pretty first, I'd thought it was just a shadow of dried water on the window...then I noticed another smudge on the passenger door. Grrr. Then I get out of the car, and there's a BIG glob of grease on the passenger door outside. GrrrGrrr. I call and they say, "bring it in on monday and we'll clean it up". OK.

So, saturday morning I'm off to grocery-shop, and on my way home....the check-engine light comes on. This seems suspiciously like a "out-of-warranty-push-the-broken-button" kinda deal, but what can I do. They did clean up the car, but I have to come back on friday to fix the engine....some sort of fuel-mix isn't right...the guy thinks it's probably a filter that needs to be changed. I'm sure that won't be covered.