So, in an effort to get out of the house, in part to prove to myself and my friends, that my life is indeed hopeless, I've been getting a little exercise of late. Blading down the waterfront, yelling at idiots who walk in the bike-lane, the usual. And, since it's unusually warm in Seattle this summer, I'm sweating. So I got jock itch. Icky gross, I know. So I went to Rite-Aid, to get "something". Wow. Usually when I go to the drugstore with a specific complaint, it's a matter of finding the least expensive generic, cause all the preparations for symptom-x have the same active ingredients. Not with anti-fungals. one has a different active ingredient. Freaky stuff. Are they all equally effective? Do some people have fungi that have become resistant to one brand or another? Who knew jock itch was such a high competition market.

My new blades are pretty sweet though, so whatever the gross-factor, I'll prolly still be getting sweaty all summer. It's not like anyone is going to get close enough to mind.