Vanilla Dork

Some nimrod filled up an entire level of our chillded-food vending machine at work. I say nimrod, not because I dislike Vanilla Coke, or I think Coca-Cola is betraying it's roots, or something equally silly. Oh no. What bugs me is the fact that they put 20oz bottles of vanilla coke into a machine that sits next to one that sells 12oz cans. Price of the 12oz cans...$0.25. Price of the 20oz bottles...$1.00. Like Vanilla Coke is some rareity I'm going to pay 4 times the price, for not even half as much more soda? To add insult to injury, the nimrod in question didn't put the bottles in correctly, so about halfway thru yesterday, one of them jumped out of it's cage and blocked up the whole machine. Which brings us to the part that annoys me the most. The nimrod, when he comes next, and finds the machine broken, without a single Vanilla Coke sold, will probably pull them, and report back to his supervisor that "The stuff just didn't sell", which means they won't add Vanilla Coke to our regular soda machine.

My point being, advertising often fails for reasons that have nothing to do with the advertising.