Trying to Decide

Recently, a friend and I were discussing long lost bank accounts, and I mentioned this account I'd had at the 66 Federal Credit Union (employees of Phillips 66), which I'd joined as a kid, back when my dad worked for them. We wondered at what had happened to my mimimum deposit-balance. Then I promptly forgot the issue.

So, I'm at my folks for the 4th, and mention the conversation to my dad, he walks upstairs and comes back with my latest statement from them. Seems he's been getting them for the last 7 years, and just keeping them to himself. He even opened them to notice that the bank had been trying to suck my account dry with "fees" and asked them to stop (which they did, though of course not with replacing the lost money). so now I can make a deposit, bring the balance up to something worthwhile, and change the address to my current one.

But it makes me wonder. What other business does my father still do in my name?