When it comes to trusting people, I have several rules of thumb, that I try to follow.

I have these rules because I'm one of those people who can't trust their own judgement, atleast not when it comes to people. Especially not with guys. My head's so messed up, I equate physical beauty, with honesty/goodness. I have to remind myself that more often, those with superior looks, have inferior morals, when it comes to using other people. Maybe if I were beautiful, or if beauty was the only aspect of myself that I thought people would like, I wouldn't see using those looks, to manipulate. But I think it's different for people who know it. It's a theory I have, on why I've found so few trustable people, in this world, that I also think are beautiful.

the rules are many and varried, and most make little sense to one who hasn't lived my life. but they are my rules.

Never trust a josh. Most guys with J-names are dangerous to trust, but josh's especially so. Sometimes they don't mean to be cruel, like E-Josh, and good-Josh. Sometimes they are consciously-indifferent, to the feelings of others, like evil-josh. But as a rule of thumb, it's turned out to be suprisingly accurate.