Stop Mom

In the latest saga of the never ending soap opera which is my family relationship, wrote my mom an email about how horridly depressed I am these days, since she asked how I was doing. She responds back with her classical "love you so much...wish I could be there" ... of course she can't come to visit and support me, much too busy with her business. It's always something with her. It really pisses me off. I want to write back all angry, asking why she says things she obviously doesn't mean. I've lived in the northwest for 5 years now, she's never made a single visit out here. Usually she "loses" my address and telephone number, the once per year she thinks about me, over my birthday.

CnC were whining about having to spend time with thier family down at the lake for the 4th. They have no idea how much they have to be grateful for. A family that supports them, loves them, doesn't play stupid games of keeping up the apperances at the church, but stabbing them in the back at every opportunity. I'd bet if their folks decided to start a yearly tradition of going to Six Flags, they'd call CnC. My family just decided to ignore me, as they always have, and always will. Which is why my family gets nothing when I die. It all goes to CnC (and their kids' college fund). Of course since I haven't written down a proper will, I'm sure my folks will steal it all for themselves.

Anger anger everywhere

And not a drop to drink

of the cup of peace

and understanding

Anger anger everywhere