Spiral Frog review

An impressive track collection ruined by the complete lack of any QA process.

It boggles the mind that someone could claim to have gone thru a beta program, yet still manage to have such incredibly obvious bugs, like how links to Albums and Videos don't actually work. Then there's the crapware they call a download manager. It's insanely easy to crash, get stuck in an infinite loop, and it can't keep track of what it's just finished doing. It has zero intelligence to prevent downloading the same track twice. Instead, it downloads the track a second time, THEN gives an error message, THEN deletes the originally downloaded track without dropping off the freshly downloaded version. It just tosses it into the ether. Which must be what they fed their dev/qa staff that they didn't notice.

The horrific slowness, I can live with. It is free music, and it is their public launch day. But the rest should have been obvious during beta.