Spam or Fraud?

So, on sunday, I get three emails in a row, to the public email addy. The first two appear to be bogus credit card "web receipts". The third is registration at some porno-sounding site, for which one of the receipts is for. The other recept is for some seemingly bogus florida charity. It's got a charity registration number, but of course, no listing of the number to verify it at (and wouldn't you know it, florida's silly webiste lets you file your request for a charity-id online, but doesn't appear to let consumers look them up online).

There are several odd things about this spam/fraud set.

1. The lady for whom the receipts are, is local within 50-100 miles of me.

2. A lady is buying a membership at some site about penisi enigma (I changed wording so as to not give traffic to said site), which I'd assume would be either gay-porn, or straight-guy-size-increase-scam oriented.

3. Most strangely, this "woman" bought the subscription to the penisi 4 seconds before she donated to a "charity" supposedly fighting child exploitation.

I'll call florida's charity registration checkup phoneline at lunch, to see what's up on that end. I'm wondering if I should forward the rest of the info to Visa, or my local police? Seems like something wrong is going on here, somewhere, heh.