Sign o Times

In a sign of our worsening economic times, or maybe just the disgusting level of greed shown by corporate shills during a crisis, my apartment's corporate parent put out a new policy manual today, among other nifty items, they have done away with the standard 4 day grace period on rent. From now on, if you live in an Equity property, if your rent isn't recieved "on or before the first of the month", you are subject to immediate late-charges. I was already pretty miffed at Equity. Over the 3 years I've been in Seattle, they've worked pretty hard to waste rentpayer money on pointless projects (for a while, we had hardwood floors in our elevators, until, as was obvious to anyone with a brain, they got so trashed from people moving, they pulled the hardwood out and put a black plastic flooring in instead), raise rents and parking fees, and cut back on service in general. We used to have a sweet old russian woman who vaccumed the common areas every day. Now we have one bitter young girl who does a desultory pass at cleaning parts of the complex, on a far less regular basis. In the last year, there were several breakins of people's cars in the garage, so of course they raised the parking fees, while cutting out the security guard walkthroughs. It makes me wonder how they expect to compete with the several thousand new rental homes in the neighborhood where I live. I know every day I find my anger rising just a little bit more, till it's going to reach the point where I move out, and don't look back.