So, yesterday someone came to these pages looking for Shelterwood kids. Here I am. I wish I knew where the rest of the kids from my time ended up. We were a rag-tag group, so full of promise, and pain. I still had hope for most of them. There was Dave, who grew a thicker beard at 17, than I do now...I will never forget the day in the woods, we're supposed to be chopping down trees, but he and Jeff were huffing gas off the chainsaw. Dave jumps back from the can, starts staggering around the forest yelling out, "Oh shit man! The ground is pissing on me, man!"

Or my great friend Doug, aka Drug-Zoner. I never saw him go to the extremes of intoxication like some folk, he just always seemed a little crispy...he'd speak, and I'd have to translate, cause no one else could follow his thought process.

Or I could talk about the guys of Shelterwood that I had crushes on...Matt, Jeff, Mitch, Jonathan. Jeff...he even made a pass at me once, while I was driving us somewhere in my car, but of course, I was so deep in my closet, so sure that if I responded, he'd kick my ass...we missed out.

Enough memories for one day. Ask me again sometime, and we'll stroll down another of memory's lanes...