Sep 17 WA Primary

I've decided to make a habit of my voter-info collections.

Congressional District Number 7 Representative

2 year term

Incumbent: Jim McDermott (Democrat) - Jim recieves a great deal of criticism for his views. He's certainly not a friend of the people, unless by people you mean top-1%-wealthy geek tycoon.

Challenger 1: Brien Bartels (Libertarian) - He's got the standard Libertarian statements - against the drug war, against our foreign policy, against our president's plans to sell "rights" to pollute.

Challenger 2: Stan Lippmann (Libertarian) - His congressional campaign site was down when I checked, but his law practice site is up, and google lists another site for him, where he ran for city council in 2001. No statement of beliefs on the law practice site.

Challenger 3: Carol Thorne Cassady (Republican) - She's another one for whom there isn't a site for the current campaign, but google shows traces of unsuccessful political bids in 2001.