Seattle Politics QnA

To the candidates:

I am curious as to your position on the a few items,

* anti-sitting/civility laws

* Teen Dance Ordinance

* medical marijuanna

Thank you for your time,

Don Simon


I wrote all candidates for City Attorney and City Council, in Seattle's upcoming election, asking them for the position of several "hot" issues. Here's what they had to say for themselves, those that have responded so far...


From [email protected]

Subject: Re: position question

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. I would move to repeal the Civility laws and address the issues behind them. This would include providing people a place to go to the bathroom instead of urinating on the street, providing benches for people to sit instead of the side walk or providing housing for them instead of the street.

As an event planner I believe we need to make more all age venues available. Richard McIver the incumbent voted against the VERA project which is the only city run all age venue that is run incorporation with the local Labor Union.

As some one who has cared for people living with terminal illness I believe we should make marijuana available for medical use only.

Again thank you for taking an active part in the election.

E. Heath Merriwether

Candidate for Seattle City Council Position 8

From [email protected]

I supported the civility laws. I was prepared to support a compromise package on the Teen Dance Ordinance but it wasn't offered. I support medical marijuanna.


From [email protected]

Thanks for writing.

I'm opposed to the Sidran "civility laws" because - to put it bluntly - they're a sham. Whether you're talking about no-sitting or the ban on urinating in public or parks exclusion what they all have in common is that they are selectively enforced and used more as a tool for harassment. Go down to Pioneer Square some Saturday night at 2:30 a.m. when the bars let out and the suburbanites are exiting the city and you'll find that the police aren't writing tickets for pissing in Occidental Park.

The Teen Dance Ordinance reminds me of something held over from the 1950s. The idea that the Seattle Police Department has a de facto veto over what events can be held (since an off-duty cop has to be used for security) is wrong, as is the high cost of insurance. The city council should resubmit the All Ages Dance Ordinance (though that was far from a perfect law) and then override the mayor if he should veto it again

I'm all for medical marijuana.

Jerome Wilson

candidate, Seattle City Council, Pos 8


From [email protected]

I really am not pleased with Mark Sidrans civility laws, I would deffinately repeal the anti-sitting and TDO.

I know I can not do this currently in my role, but I would support legalizing marijuanna.

I have been been getting involved with the needle exchange clinics and the drop in centers, and I have even spent several nights on the street talking to homeless individuals and find out causes and ways to help them out.

I'm full of ideas I guess it just takes right timing?



From [email protected]

1. Anti-sitting/civility laws. I believe that it should be legal to sit on the sidewalk while not blocking entrances to businesses and residences. That said, I would prefer that we have benches for people to sit on in commercial areas.

2. Teen Dance Ordinance. This needs to be repealed and replaced with an all-ages dance ordinance. I have been endorsed by JAMPAC who is actively working to achieve a dance ordinance that permits dancing for everyone, not just those over the age of 21. Teens should have supervised dance opportunity. A healthy form of recreation.

3. Medical marijuana. I support the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Thank you and I appreciate your voting for me.

Elect Curt Firestone

Seattle City Council, Pos. #4


From [email protected]

I oppose the 'civility' laws, the anti-sitting ordinance particularly.

I oppose the Teen Dance Ordinance.

I support medical marijuana and think the 'War on Drugs' is really a war on poor people and on privacy.

Thanks for writing.